Letter from the Managing Editor

Nick Freese, VanCougar Managing Editor

My first week of the fall semester at WSUV, I was intimidated to say the least. The prospect of transferring from a community college to a university and taking 300 level courses was daunting. I read ahead in my textbooks, started study groups, and exchanged emails with other students in every class. I even dedicated Saturdays to studying (especially for Dr. Long’s Constitutional Law class). When I realized I could get good grade, I began searching on campus for a job to fill my time and help me connect with other students. 

I was hired to the office of the Associated Students of Washington State University as the Associate Director of Legislative Affairs. It was a great experience with fantastic people, and it was a great opportunity to get involved and know what was going on around campus. It would be hard to find a better boss than Jose Scott, the ASWSUV president. I really enjoyed my experience with ASWSUV, but i felt like there was still more I could do. That is when I saw the job posting for managing editor of The VanCougar. I had heard of of the publication before and had even been quoted in a story once. I have always loved journalism, and was excited at the prospect of working with such an important organization. In November 2017, I was hired as the managing editor. Although I was forced to resign from ASWSUV due to policies of The VanCougar to prevent conflicts of interest, it was one of the best decisions I have made while at WSU. 

I am a 28-year-old father, a Val Ogden Presidential Scholarship recipient, and a public affairs major who loves to talk to EVERYONE. I’ve created great connections and made friends with a group of some of the most impressive young people I have ever encountered. Although I caused a lot of trouble in my youth, I finally feel like I am where I’m supposed to be. I feel like I belong. The community of WSUV and The VanCougar help to solidify that sentiment. 

The VanCougar is here to provide accurate, balanced, and in-depth news coverage that is relevant to our community. I’m happy to come aboard on its journey skyward. I’ve prioritized using opportunities online, especially social media to boost our readership and profile. Off-campus businesses are beginning to see the benefit of advertising with us with our readership growing everyday; even while print journalism itself is in a precarious position with “fake news” and an increasingly polarized political scene. The goal is to maintain transparency and accountability, and make The VanCougar become the best of what WSUV has to offer. I want The VanCougar to create a close-knit community that voices viewpoints in a respectful and intelligent manner. 

To help accomplish this, the VanCougar would like to invite students and community members to give feedback, whether on our website, social media platforms, emails, or in-person at the office. Tell us what you want more information about. Let us know about controversy that needs to be addressed. Inform us if there is an exceptional community member that deserves recognition, and let us know when there groundbreaking work being done in the name of WSUV. There are exciting things happening everyday in our community, and the ability to listen is just as important as the ability to make a statement. Feel free to email me at van.vancougme@wsu.edu, visit our website at the thevancougar.com, or follow us on The VanCougar’s twitter/facebook/ instagram pages. We are also actively hiring reporters and team editors, you can apply at: Bit.ly/CougApp 

It is a pleasure to serve as your managing editor for the VanCougar, and I look forward to connecting with students in every aspect. See you around campus! 

Nick Freese 

Managing Editor 


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