New year new us!

Meet the team and find out what our resolutions are for 2018

Katie O’Boyle, reporter: My New Year’s resolution is to focus on myself and learn how to self love. I want to learn how I can accept myself and how to be okay with myself as well. 









Bailley Simms, team editor: This year I want to drink more water and establish a consistent yoga schedule. It seems during the winter I drink more warm coffee and tea than water, so in 2018 I’m going to make a conscious effort to bring my water bottle with me to campus every day. With that, I want to dedicate more time to my yoga practice and create a regular schedule to follow each week.







Ginger Clarke, reporter: My goal this year is to commitment and persevere in all my creative projects, to work on them even when I don’t feel like it. It’s easy to write when I’m in the mood to, but I need to be able to continue to work on my projects even when I’m not. 








Sofia Grande, reporter: My new year’s resolutions are to learn self-defense and be healthier, I’ll do this by taking up boxing. Boxing provides me with a good workout that won’t become boring over time and I learn how to defend myself.








Nick Freese, managing editor:  For my new year’s resolution, I am going to take better care of myself, and my priorities. I want to eat three meals a day, sleep eight hours a night, and shower daily. As far as priorities, I want to make sure I have certain hours every week dedicated to quality time with my daughter, make time on weekends for family, and train/play with my puppy every morning.







July Canilao, web and social media manager: This year, I am committed to a healthy life: body, mind and soul. I would like to take more time for self-care, meditation, and praying. 












Steven Cooper, editor-in-chief: This year I’m setting a goal of writing a minimum of 500 words everyday. Whether it’s personal journaling, work for the paper, or assignments for school, I want to consistently be putting words on paper seven days a week. I think the experience will have both academic and personal benefits.







Marco Morales, layout manager: This year I would like to set my goal for learning one new song for guitar and ukulele per month and to meet at least one new person each week. I believe that someone should always try learning something new to enrich their personal life and that by meeting someone knew each week you have the possibility of making new friends.










Zeke Estes, photographer: This year I will be focusing on ensuring the success of my professional future by obtaining prestigious internship positions and contributing to non-academic engineering research.







Alex Duffield, reporter: This year I am concentrating on putting myself in more uncomfortable situations. I have also resolved to pay closer attention to what factors affect my mood and energy levels so I can be more consistently happy and productive.









Nikki Johnson, team editor : Every year, I have some sort of resolution that I’ve never been able to uphold, so this year I’ve decided to not have a specific resolution, but instead, focus on being a better me. When I say this, I mean to do things that make me happy, such as expanding my reading collection, starting a new writing project, and surrounding myself with good people. 

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