WSUV Alumna makes waves in art community

Faun Skurlock runs a booth at the Vancouver farmers market on Saturdays. Photo courtesy of Faun Skurlock.

In the heart of  downtown Vancouver on a sunny Saturday morning, you will find Faun Scurlock. A Vancouver native, WSU Vancouver graduate and professional photographer, Scurlock’s metal and canvas prints cover her farmers market booth. Her 12×18-inch portals showcase the uncharted beauty beyond our city. Now 26, Scurlock graduated from WSU Vancouver with a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Technology and Culture in 2011, and credits her entrance into photography to her undergraduate experiences at WSUV and Clark College. 

“My degree program taught me the composition rules of web and graphic design—rules like balance and space. These skills translated well into photography,” Scurlock said.

She became interested in photography after taking a film course at Clark College and receiving positive feedback from art students here on the WSU Vancouver campus.

As an artist, Scurlock aims to inspire. Since graduating, the Salmon Creek Journal (a student media outlet on the WSU Vancouver campus) has published six of her pieces in their annual art and literary journals. The journal’s annual Travel Cafe event provides a unique opportunity for students, staff and alumni to showcase travel photos. Faun Scurlock regularly participates in this gallery event sharing her travel photos, process and artistic vision.

“Moulton Falls Arch Bridge” by Faun Skurlock

One of Scurlock’s recent moments of inspiration came with the magic of the 2017 solar eclipse. “A woman stopped at my booth last September after seeing my ‘Solar Eclipse’ image, while browsing the market. After answering her questions (we) realized I had shot the event just a few miles from her home, where she and her husband had observed it on their 20th wedding anniversary. People tend to leave with pretty big smiles after (purchasing), but she had the biggest smile this year.”

“People tend to leave with pretty big smiles after (purchasing), but she had the biggest smile this year”

Although she plants herself at local events such as the Vancouver Farmers Market or the Travel Cafe, Scurlock’s artistic vision draws her away from the campus commons and downtown sidewalks. She strives to explore objects and landscapes past the edges of everyday experience.

“The Way“ by Faun Skurlock

“It’s a distraction from everyday stress,” Faun explained. “I want to share the therapeutic experience of escaping into the unknown and unseen; I do that through my photography.”

“It’s a distraction from everyday stresses,” she explained. “I want to share the therapeutic experience of escaping into the unknown and unseen; I do that through my photography.”

Equipped with a Nikon D500, Scurlock is driven by her personal vision to “never stop exploring.” Her adventures have been a full time endeavor for the last two years. Of the many places she has visited and photographed, she prefers to shoot the Oregon coast. Her photo, “The Geminid’s Trail” brought her to Boiler Bay State Scenic Viewpoint. She captures the solitude and wonder of the Pacific Northwest through her unique lens. She has not only developed an abundant market to share her vision, but has discovered passion in photography.

Check out Faun Scurlock’s photography on Instagram @grumpybearphotos or stop by Vancouver’s farmers market starting back up in March.

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