3 percent uptick in fall enrollment

Enrollment at Washington State University Vancouver for the upcoming fall semester is expected to increase 3 percent over the past year. The 2016-17 school year had approximately 3,400 students enrolled on campus, and the 2017-18 academic year is projected to have approximately 3,500 students. There has also been an increase in applications from last year, which is primarily due to targeted outreach efforts.

According to Nancy Youlden, the vice chancellor of student affairs and enrollment, part of this targeted outreach was robust communication with prospective students. The university has made an effort in reaching out to high school sophomores and juniors to get them thinking about college, whereas many schools first begin reaching out to students during their senior year. The Office of Marketing and Communications works to advertise around the community and within local community colleges and Youlden said that this growing presence has led to more transfer applications.

To preserve and continue these outreach efforts, Youlden said the goal for next year is to “[Increase the] sophistication with messaging [and] communication with prospective students.” Youlden said that keeping in constant communication with both the community and prospective students is key to increasing campus enrollment for years to come.

There are plans to continue implementing and improving the targeted outreach, which has been successful this year. The admissions counselors that communicate with high schools and community colleges will continue to refine their messages in order to reach a more diverse population. WSU Vancouver also plans on maintaining a larger presence at local community colleges.

For more information on WSU Vancouver’s enrollment statistics, visit WSU Vancouver’s official website at https://www.vancouver.wsu.edu/.

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