"FYI, VanCougs" will keep students up to date on campus events, such as the Involvement Fair.
Photo credit: Auz Burger

CORRECTION: ‘FYI, VanCougs’ keeps students up to date

An incorrect contact was provided in the article “‘FYI, VanCougs’ keeps students up to date,” published in the Sept. 6 issue. The contact was incorrectly listed as The correct contact for submissions to the newsletter is

Left: Seamus Davis
Right: Jayme Shoun

Both individuals are members of the ASWSUV and the event organizers. 

Photo Credit: Audrey Miller

CORRECTION: Higher Education

An April 28 front-page article about the ASWSUV event Higher Education erroneously indicated its name was Higher Learning. The event name is in fact Higher Education: Know your reefer rights. Additionally, a photo caption accompanying this story indicated that student and ASWSUV intern Seamus Davis was the event organizer. Davis […]