Letters from the editors: Part 4 of 4

I have been working for The VanCougar for the entire three years I have attended WSU Vancouver. I began as a team editor, and last summer I also took on the role of the web and social media manager, while editing for a team of reporters so large that it would normally have required two team editors. When I started, I did not have much of an interest in journalism. I simply just wanted to edit­—something I remember putting emphasis on during my job interview. I expected to work here only to get myself some editing experience for after graduation. I did not realize when I took this job how much I would love it. Nor did I think that I would love The VanCougar so much that I would end up holding three positions during my senior year.

Graduation is bittersweet for me, because I am leaving behind a job that I love and have been incredibly happy at. I have put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into this paper over the last three years, and walking away from something I’ve worked so hard at for so long is difficult. In these three years, I have worked with three different editors-in-chief, and I have worked with countless reporters, helping them discover their voice and learn the peculiar (and annoying) nuances of AP style.

This year has been the best of the three I have been at The VanCougar. Our editor-in-chief, Alex Peru, and our managing editor, Haley Elmer, were great to work with, and I think that the three of us were truly a team. They were without a doubt the best management team I have worked with at this paper. We had a great staff this year who were great to work with, the content we had was amazing, and I think we had some great issues this year. We also won awards for the first time in three years, which would not have been possible without the staff we had, both reporters and editors alike.

While I am sad to leave The VanCougar behind, I know it is being left in good hands, and it is time for others to take over my positions. My time at WSU Vancouver will never be thought of without thinking of The VanCougar too, and I know I will always have fond memories of this paper and the wonderful people I have known here.
Auz Burger

Team editor

Web and social media manager


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