VanCougar Policy

Correction Policy
It is the policy of The VanCougar to correct errors.

Please contact the editor via e-mail at vancouged (at)

The existence of advertising in The VanCougar is not meant as an endorsement of any product, service or individual by anyone except the advertiser.

Washington State University is an equal opportunity/affirmative action educator and employer.

Letters to the Editor
The VanCougar welcomes brief letters (250 words or fewer) from members of the WSU Vancouver community on current issues. Letters must include the author’s full name, contact information and WSU affiliation, year and major for students, department for faculty and staff, degree and year graduated for alumni. The VanCougar does not publish anonymous letters.
Priority is given to letters that relate directly to stories printed in The VanCougar. The VanCougar also welcomes guest commentaries of 550 words or fewer addressing issues of general interest to the WSU Vancouver community.

Letters and commentaries should focus on issues, not personalities. Personal attacks and anonymous letters will not be considered for publication. The VanCougar reserves the right to edit for space, libel, obscene material and clarity. The views expressed are solely those of the individual authors.

Letters and suggestions may be delivered to the Office of Student Involvement, the VanCougar office (VCLB 212), dropped in a suggestion box at a VanCougar distribution rack or e-mailed to Vancouged (at)